Stuck in a minimum wage job?

You deserve MORE don't you?

Let me show you how to become a minimum wage millionaire and live the life you deserve!

Dear Reader,

Every week since I started, I've received heaps of emails from my readers.

They all say the same thing:

"I feel like I want to start a side business... to make money from home... and to have more choice and independence. But I don't know what to try... I don't know what works... and to be frank, I don't have the time to try scores of different ideas, looking for 'the one'".

As the weeks have rolled into months, the guilt has grown... and grown.

I’ve asked myself: what am I going to do about this?

How am I going to help my readers who are in this situation? What can I do for them?

That's when I decided to write the Minimum Wage Millionaire…

The idea was to write a comprehensive book where you could get two things.

First: Some really good starter home business ideas

Not pie-in-the-sky stuff. No big promises of million-rand returns. Just ways to turn your spare time and space into cash.

Businesses that any South African – at any age – can start from your kitchen table in just a few hours a week to add a few hundred bucks to your income.

Ideally, these businesses would have to be scalable. That means the money you make from them would rise incrementally the more time you spend on them.

The idea, then, is that you have something you can build up in your spare time that may, eventually, give you enough money to quit your day job. Effectively, your 'side' business becomes your main gig.

Second: choose the right home business for you (I'll give you 14 to choose from)

Heaven knows there's an awful lot of rubbish out there.

Big, crazy promises of fast cash. The dream of financial freedom 'next year' from some 'no-brainer' scheme that makes all the right noises... but in reality is just some rubbish MLM scam – where you're working hard to make someone else rich... and you rarely see the kind of money that can change your life.

It struck me that (apart from a couple of crummy, poorly organised forums) there's no credible place in South Africa where you can go to get good, impartial, independent advice on home business 'opps'. Especially not from experts who don't have a stake in your cash.

So – finally – I’m stepping in

I’m not just going to bash the popular stuff for the sake of knocking over an easy target. I look behind the hype. I’ve studied, researched and provided a thorough analysis of whether or not you could actually make money.

And here's my pledge,  I won’t receive a SINGLE CENT in commission, affiliate payment or kickback from any biz opp I positively review in my blueprint  - Minimum Wage Millionaire.

Minimum Wage Millionaire is a 100% independently written book. I call it how I see it. This impartiality sets me apart from everyone else in this occasionally murky community.

When I say something is good – it's because I genuinely believe it's good. Not because I’m making money on the back end.

The credibility of this book is extremely important to me.

As a reader (and I hope you'll at least give it a try) you'll be encouraged to write in and tell me about biz opps you'd like me to review.

I want you to become part of my South African biz opp community

I don't believe you will find any other resource that can do what my book can do for you.

The goal of the Minimum Wage Millionaire is to make you wealthier... more independent... happier... and prouder... by setting up and running your own successful home business.

I have worked hard to help you make that happen – you have my word that this book can help you get there…

I'd love for you to become one of the first readers to get your hands on a copy of my book. You'll learn tomorrow that it won't cost you a lot of money to get these ideas.

And, after 30 days, if you haven't started your own business... or you haven't made a cent from your endeavours… or you simply don’t like what I’ve written, I want you to cancel for a full refund.

That's how strongly I feel about my goal to make you wealthier than you are now.

Don't worry, I'll be with you every step of the way

The Minimum Wage Millionaire contains step-by-step home business blueprints. Some will be online. Others will be traditional offline 'bricks and mortar' ideas.

You will get a 'how-to' guide... plus my best appraisal of how much money you could make.

You'll also learn more about becoming an entrepreneur: the risks, the costs, the business strategies, the commitment required... and the potential rewards that this lifestyle offers – provided you're prepared to put in the work to make it happen.

If this is something you've ever given any thought to trying, I urge you to read on...

Please don't just read it, sit back and think: 'I'll take action later'.

Time passes quickly. And accelerates as you age. Before you know it another year will have passed. And then another. I don't want you finding this email in your files several years from now and think:

"Why didn't I take action sooner?"

You could make TONS of money… from the comfort of your home

What I’m about to show you is an opportunity to live life on your own terms.
It’s a chance to make enough money to pay off your bond, send five of your grandchildren to varsity, take your dream vacation twice a year, relocate in the winter to a second home overseas… or heck, maybe even see what it feels like to spend R1,000 on a bottle of wine.
Fact is, this kind of money can give you choices. Mainly, to do what you want, when you want… and with whomever you want.
And it’s shockingly simple to do, as you’ll see.
If you follow these steps exactly as I’ve outlined them, you may never have to worry about money again.
It sounds too good, I know. Thing is, it’s actually better…

No investment experience is required…

You don’t need to be a seasoned investor to do this.
In fact, the less you know now about investing, the better.
If you’re attracted to the freedom that comes with vast wealth… and if you can spend the next few minutes with me here…
I’ll show you everything you need for the chance to turn your house into a cash machine… without taking on any extra risk… even if you’re starting from scratch.

The path less traded

I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing today had I not discovered this method to building wealth.
But I do know that some things happen for a reason…
Studying thousands of millionaires in America, research professors found exactly what it takes to get rich. For the first time, they wanted to find out exactly who becomes a millionaire – and how they do it. Their findings have allowed us to dispel the myths of wealth. Until now, the whole subject’s been shrouded in mystery and confusion.
But wait a minute...

Why should we South Africans care about these American millionaires?

Because one of them in particular has mentored me into the wealth-building expert, I am today.

Mark Morgan Ford is an American author, entrepreneur, publisher, real estate investor, copywriter, and consultant to direct marketing and publishing industries.
He is the author of several books on entrepreneurship, wealth-building, and copywriting. And he has also written a book of poetry and yet another on word use titled "Words that Work."
Ford's business writing is published under his pen name of Michael Masterson. Some of his books like the "Automatic Wealth" and "Ready, Fire, Aim" were Wall Street Journal and New York Times Best Sellers.
Since 2013, Mark Ford has taken it upon himself to help people not just in the US, but all around the world make more money and transform their lives for the better. 
"... my profits and bottom line have grown every single day... and in some cases, by the thousands. I am looking forward to many years of financial freedom." - Carl Wyland
"The active income will allow me to purchase a second home... and fund some fun activities without having to touch the retirement savings."-Robert Charles
"I netted R2,376,000 last month!"—N.L.
In fact, Mark showed me…

The new way of getting rich

For years, I've seen people scratch and save and struggle to gather the wealth they need.

Now, finally, I'm able to do something about it.

You see, the majority of people today depend on stocks, bonds, funds and property to grow their wealth. But the thing is many folks don't have anywhere close to the money they need to generate a sizable income from these types of investments.

With falling growth, job losses and increasing expenses, just making ends meet has become a huge task for many families. So setting aside big sums of money for investing or buying ridiculously expensive real estate is more or less out of the question.

In addition, there are many people who are nearing retirement and they need to make money quickly.

So stocks, bonds or fixed deposits that you need to hold for years for a small return will not do the trick. What you need now is...

In a nutshell, you need proven and legitimate business ideas that you can implement to make money without much effort - no matter what your age, background or education.
And once you succeed in doing that, you can either use that money to supplement your regular monthly income. Or you could put it all back in and use it to expand your business like hundreds of people have done.

Well, guess what? I now want to show you not one, but multiple ways to get that seed money fast.
In fact, I’m going to show you…

How to turn your house into a cash machine

Hi, I'm Aiden Sookdin, and I'm what you might call a serial entrepreneur.

You might know me as the author of The Home Business Tycoon, or as the past editor in chief of one of South Africa's most popular monthly business opportunities publications, Fast-track Millionaire. I've successfully showed over 1,200 South Africans how to start their own small businesses, doing exactly what they love.

What makes me get up in the morning is a passion to show people how to make a GREAT living – doing what they love to do!
I’d like to introduce you to my latest book, The Minimum Wage Millionaire

Your critical guide to earning multiple streams of income – Forever

In The Minimum Wage Millionaire, I help you to use your property to become a Minimum Wage Millionaire.
I’ll show you how to use your spare space in your home and time in your day to generate multiple streams of extra income.
Income Generator #1
Flipping for profit: Apply this old property secret to websites and make hassle-free profits

Income Generator #2
Mushroom Farming: How to make R30,000 in the next 6 months

Income Generator #3
A simple recipe for you to make R216,000 extra a year! Your blueprint to BIG biltong profits

Income Generator #4
To my embarrassment, my three-year-old alerted me to the most affordable high profit business you can start from home today!

Income Generator #5
Build your business empire the same way Walt Disney did… And you could bank R100,375 in the next 12 months

Income Generator #6
Use the internet to earn up to R10,000 a day

Income Generator #7
How to make R2,350 a day having parties

Income Generator #8
Three ways to get your car to pay for itself and your bond

Income Generator #9
Here’s how you could make R409,607 dealing in first-edition books…

Income Generator #10
How you can make R12,000 from other people’s waste every month

Income Generator #11
How to get overworked and overpaid professionals to help you bank R288,000 a year

Income Generator #12
Raising quail for profit: How to start your own quail farm… From the comfort of your garden

Income Generator #13
Profit from poison – The viper-venom income generator

Income Generator #14
How some tools and scooters can make you R5,250 a day
I also want to make sure that the business you choose to start from home has the best chance of being successful. That’s why the third part of the book helps you to manage your time, grow your business and find the time and energy you need to keep going.
I reveal essential entrepreneurial success tips including:

Finally, just to make sure that you have everything you need to invest for maximum success, I’ve included a special bonus section that will help you turbo-charge your income with these alternative investments:
Every last inch of The Minimum Wage Millionaire is packed with the most incredible insider tips you could ever hope to read – all condensed down to just the bare essentials.
  Help me become a Minimum Wage Millionaire

How much is R320,000 in PROVEN business ideas worth to you? 

I truly believe I can help you make as much as R320,000 in multiple income streams this year. 
So, I’ll cut straight to the chase… How much is this going to cost?
In the right hands, this information is worth as much as R320,000 A YEAR! 
But today, you can have it all for only R349.
Best of all, you have 30 days to review The Minimum Wage Millionaire and its contents. 
If for any reason you don’t think that you can use this information to build multiple streams of income for you and your family, simply return your copy and I'll cancel your order and refund every cent you paid for the book.
No risk, no arguments, just good business! 
I’m sure you’ll agree that’s really a very small (risk-free) investment considering the kind of money you stand to make. 
Your money is fully refundable – no conditions – at ANY TIME during the next 30 days. 
So, what are you waiting for? Order your copy of this book The Minimum Wage Millionaire now! 
It’s a win-win situation. 
Let’s build your wealth together, 
Aiden Sookdin
Author, The Minimum Wage Millionaire
P.S. I hope this proves to you how serious I am about helping you deposit R320,000 in your bank account by this time next year. I want to make sure that you've everything you need to succeed in your new profitable business venture. 
Now you can… Profit from my home business plans without any risk! 

  Help me become a Minimum Wage Millionaire

Here are some more insights from some of the happy people I’ve worked with:

“Aiden covers very important topics which helped me prepare for retirement.” A.L
“The money making tips are practical, straight forward and useful” S.D
“Important information communicated in a simple language with no jargon” A.G
“The information was helpful and I appreciate the hands on suggestions” V.J
“I will apply all of this acquired knowledge wisely, thank you!” M.S
“As a very busy man, you actually give me core information and valuable insights into the money world and help me to make crucial decisions about my business. The insights I gain is becoming an invaluable partner in my daily decision making processes .Thank you very much!" J.L

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